Our 1st Service - Upfront Boxes

Our first service is giving "Upfront" groceries to registered households on a weekly basis.  This usually includes bread and other baked goods, fresh produce, and other foods, which may include such things as pizza, yogurt,  For households with children under the age of 18, we also provide a quart of milk for each child every week.  We contract with a dairy in order to fulfill our "Milk for Minors" program.

Our 2nd Service - Monthly Voucher-Box

Our second service is to provide a Voucher-Box once every four weeks to household.  (This is in addition to the weekly Upfront Box.)  The monthly box includes canned goods, dry goods (such as spaghetti or other pasta, macaroni & cheese, Ramen noodles, etc.), domestic or wild meat or poultry, and other foods.  We take into account people's respective food-allergies, medical restrictions, and religious dietary rules.

Our 3rd Service - Monthly TFAP

Qualified households receive TFAP (also known as "Commodities) once a month.  This food is distributed to them in addition to what they receive from the other two programs.

Our 4th Service - Weekly Senior Nutrition

Once a week, we provide a special allotment of supplemental nutrition for free to those residents who have signed up at participating senior living centers.

We're a Charity - But...

We're a charity, but we're run like a business.  We "breed nickels to get quarters."  In other words, we fulfill our mission of supplementing peoples' nutritional resources in as economical a basis as is reasonably possible, without sacrificing taste or wholesomeness.  We use the FIFO (First In, First Out) method of inventory control.  This helps to ensure that food is safe and nutritious.  We buy food by the pallet-load rather than by the case-load, which makes our cost per-unit much more economical.

Teaching about Better Nutrition

We encourage people to attend the "Centsible Nutrition" free classes offered by the Natrona County Extension Office, so that folks can learn how to stretch their food budget as far as possible. while at the same obtaining maximum nutritional value from the meals they prepare.  We also give people food preparation tips and recipes.  We also may offer some special, free cooking classes ourselves.

How to Volunteer...

If you'd like to volunteer at Joshua's Storehouse, please call our CEO, Kim Perez, at (307) 265-0242.  Thanks!