Planned Giving can help Joshua's Storehouse to continue its mission of providing hope and food assistance to those in need for many years to come.  There are many different ways in which you can accomplish Planned Giving.  Some of them include:

  1.  Setting up automatic monthly donations to Joshua's Storehouse from your checking account.
  2. Naming Joshua's as a primary, secondary, or tertiary beneficiary of your bank account, Individual Retirement Account, 401 (k) Account, brokerage account, insurance policy, annuity, or other financial asset.
  3. Donating stock which has appreciated in value to Joshua's.  This spares you from having to pay Capital Gains Tax, BUT, as an added benefit, allows you to deduct the entire market-value of the stock from your Federal Income Tax.
  4. Setting up a donor-directed charitable trust through your brokerage house or other financial institution (such as the Trust Department of your Bank).  You can then direct the trust, which you control, to donate funds to Joshua's Storehouse at your discretion each year or whenever you wish.
  5. Donating your home to Joshua's, but in such a way that you retain the right to live there and to enjoy your property for the rest of your life.  The legal term for this type of arrangement is called a Usufruct.
  6. Naming Joshua's Storehouse as the recipient of a Bequest in your Will.

Even a small seed planted now can grow to help many people in the future.

You should always consult your Attorney, your Financial Planner, Trust Officer, and your Accountant or CPA when considering utilizing Planned Giving, especially since there are a number of tax benefits which they can point out to you in detail.  We would be happy to discuss Planned Giving with you at your convenience.  You may call Joshua's Storehouse at (307) 265-0242.  If you prefer, there is a clickable form here which you can fill-out on-line to let us know of your interest.  Thank you!