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Because Hunger Hurts

Joshua's Storehouse helps people who would otherwise suffer from acute food insecurity.  We treat people with compassion, respect, and politeness.

From a Garage to a Distribution Center

Joshua's Storehouse began in a home garage in 1994.  Over the years, thanks to the generosity of the entire community, we eventually grew into our permanent facility, a modern distribution center located in the heart of downtown Casper, Wyoming.

Notary Public Services

We now also offer Notary services.  Ask for Kim, our CEO.

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We Provide Food Help When It's Needed

Everyone runs into a rough patch once in a while.  Joshua's is here to help people get through rough times by providing free, supplemental food to needy families and individuals.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

From hopelessness to hope

When people don't have enough to eat, they can lose hope.  Joshua's helps them to regain hope, and thereby helps them to start to get back onto their feet.

People Donate Food & Checks to Help Us Feed the Needy

Helping Hands

Whether someone donates a little or a lot, it all helps us to help others.  Some people donate fresh produce from their own gardens or farms.  Others donate other kinds of food, such as domestic meat or wild game.  With the funds which people donate, we can purchase at least five times as much food as the donors could for the same amount.

People Need Food & friendship

Help with a Smile

We value each person's dignity, so we treat people with full respect.  We extend to them help and friendship.

We need Volunteers!  Please help!

We always need Volunteers.  If you are interested, please contact Sylvester, our Volunteer Coordinator, at (307) 265-0242.  Or, if you prefer, ask to see him during our normal hours of operation.  Thanks!


Monetary Donations

You can donate via check or money-order by U.S. Mail.  Or, you may donate electronically.