Free Groceries for those in Need

Joshua's Storehouse serves Casper and the rest of Natrona County, Wyoming by providing free groceries to those in need.  Anyone could wind up needing our services, such as through a lay-off, reduction of work-hours, unexpected medical bills which ding their food budget, losing a home to fire or natural disaster, or some other reason.  We're here to help!  We can help with free food and with referrals to other agencies.

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Compassion, Courtesy, & Food Assistance

Even households already receiving food through food-stamps and/or WIC can receive supplemental food from Joshua's Storehouse.  We also administer a local TFAP (also known as "Commodities") right at our centrally-located site.  And, we often have disposable diapers, baby-food, and baby-formula for households needing help with those.

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We jointly cooperate with other charities & agencies.

The cooperative "Corner of Hope," of which Joshua's is a founding member, can help with a variety of different needs.  Our compassionate and trained staff can direct people to other agencies which may assist them in other ways.

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Joshua's Helps People to Get Themselves Back to Normal.

Founded in 1994, Joshua's Storehouse has been an integral part of the social fabric of Casper and the rest of Natrona County ever since.

We are faith-based, but totally ecumenical and non-denominational.  Clients do not have to any particular religion, or even any religion at all.

We do our best to provide nutritious, tasty, healthy, balanced foods to people.  If someone has religious and/or medical reasons why they can't eat certain foods, we do our best to accommodate them.

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No Shame, just friendly help

There is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed about availing themselves of our services.  Anyone could find themselves needing food assistance from us.  And, in addition to English, we can communicate with people in Spanish, if need be.  We also have someone who can speak French and German.  Each Client household may come in for food once a week.  Voucher-Boxes are distributed once every four weeks.  TFAP ("Commodities") are distributed once a month to people who qualify for them.  Our telephone number is (307) 265-0242.

You can donate via check or money-order by U.S. Mail.  Or, you may donate electronically.